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King Of The Road

King Of The Road

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Personalization - Your personalized sign starts with a blank 16 Gauge steel sheet that is laser cut by top-of-the-line laser technology to ensure precision detail, and then we finish it with a strong and durable powder coating for a smooth finish that will withstand all elements inside or out.

Color: Black


  • Bottom of spike to top of mount = 49.5"
  • Foot bar to top of mount = 38.5"
  • Foot bar to bottom of cup holder = 36"
  • Foot bar = 6" wide


USA Anodized Aluminum & Galvanized Steel

Care Instructions

While our anodized aluminum can withstand the harsh conditions of salt water environments, it is not completely infallible. Salt water is extremely corrosive and the smallest scratch will allow salt water to permeate the anodized layer which can cause corrosion damage. 

  • Always rinse off any salt water after use
  • Clean only with non-abrasive and neutral detergents
  • Avoid scratching the coating as this opens a pathway for corrosion (Note – Anodized coatings are scratch resistant but not scratch proof)
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Depth Chart

  • The water mount (non-telescopic) can be used in water 3 ft or less if you drive the spike 11" in the ground. This will bring the water level to the bottom of the cup holder.

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