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Beach Mount

Beach Mount

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Say goodbye to sandy sips and hello to ultimate beachside luxury with our Beach Mount! This ingenious beverage holder keeps your drink high, dry, and sand-free, making it the ultimate beach companion.

  • Click & Play™ Compatible
  • Table (cup holder) Not included. Click "Build Your Custom Starter Set" below to build your custom bundle & Save 10%
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Care Instructions

While our anodized aluminum can withstand the harsh conditions of salt water environments, it is not completely infallible. Salt water is extremely corrosive and the smallest scratch will allow salt water to permeate the anodized layer which can cause corrosion damage. 

  • Always rinse off any salt water after use
  • Clean only with non-abrasive and neutral detergents
  • Avoid scratching the coating as this opens a pathway for corrosion (Note – Anodized coatings are scratch resistant but not scratch proof)
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